Writing a Business Plan Certification

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About the Writing a Business Plan Certification

Are you looking to start a fitness training business? Having finished the required training, you will be eager to become a freelance consultant or open your own fitness centre.

Before you dive headlong into it, remember that succeeding in the fitness training industry requires hard work. One crucial part that ensures you take the right step forward is creating a proper business plan.

This fitness instructor business plan course guides you on the ideal business plan that can help you succeed in your venture. It gives you the right insights and the resources needed for reaching your business goals.

At the end of the course, you will be able to put forth a business plan that provides a precise structure and objectives to your initiative. It will help you articulate a good strategy for your business.

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.1 Video
  • 1.2 Introduction
  • 1.3 (1) State Your Personal or Core Values
  • 1.4 (2) Describe Your Fitness Training Perspective
  • 1.5 Planning the right exercises that help the client reach the objectives of the programme
  • 1.6 Imparting knowledge
  • 1.7 Help in perfecting posture
  • 1.8 Customised fitness programmes
  • 1.9 Set realistic, specific and achievable goals
  • 1.10 Task
  • 1.11 Summary
  • 1.12 Test
  • 2.1 Video
  • 2.2 Introduction
  • 2.3 Range of services and products
  • 2.4 Points to Note
  • 2.5 Set Brand Standards
  • 2.6 Unique Selling Point
  • 2.7 Task
  • 2.8 Summary
  • 2.9 Test
  • 3.1 Video
  • 3.2 Introduction
  • 3.3 (1) The fitness training market
  • 3.4 Do A SWOT Analysis
  • 3.5 (2) Your Customers
  • 3.6 Choosing a Target Market
  • 3.7 Task
  • 3.8 Summary
  • 3.9 Test
  • 4.1 Video
  • 4.2 Introduction
  • 4.3 Business objectives
  • 4.4 Measuring Your Success
  • 4.5 Don’t Forget Local Influencers
  • 4.6 Use web-based marketing for more effective reach
  • 4.7 Task
  • 4.8 Summary
  • 4.9 Test
  • 5.1 Video
  • 5.2 Introduction
  • 5.3 Calculating costs and rates
  • 5.4 Management costs
  • 5.5 Sales estimate
  • 5.6 Income
  • 5.7 How to fix your rates
  • 5.8 Expenditure
  • 5.9 Task
  • 5.10 Summary
  • 5.11 Test
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