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About the Time and Priority Management Certification

The Time and priority Management Certification course will teach you essential time management skills that you can apply in any situation. This is a training course that is filled with tips and knowledge that you can use at work to become more efficient and effective, no matter what your career.

When you learn to manage your time in the workplace, you can be a better worker, get more done, and be an example to others around you. Additionally, you will learn how to manage yourself and those around you in regards to time management, and learn how to prioritise your responsibility. Finally, with good time management, you will find that you can better organise yourself and your tasks.

The Time Management Certification course is an online course, which allows you to study when and where you please. You do not have to take time away from work for this course, and you can immediately begin applying the skills you learn to your current job or situation.

Since this is an online course, you can access it on any device, as long as you can access an internet connection. This includes accessing online support and the course syllabus, which is broken down into manageable and easy to understand modules.

When you complete this course, you will have access to a multiple choice test. When you pass the test, you will receive your Certificate in Time Management at Work, which you can download and print at home. We will also post the certificate to you for a small cost.

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.1 Introduction
  • 1.2 Managing Yourself
  • 1.3 Why You Should Use Time Management Skills
  • 1.4 The Skills Required for Effective Time Management
  • 1.5 Defining Your Objectives and Identifying Your Goals
  • 1.6 An Overview of Key Result Areas
  • 1.7 Determining What You and Your Team Need to Achieve With Your Time
  • 1.8 Managing a Team, Discipline, and Time
  • 1.9 Specific Time Management Traps to Avoid When Leading a Team
  • 1.10 Establishing Your Responsibilities and Priorities
  • 1.11 Ask yourself what is Important
  • 1.12 Methods to Establish Responsibilities and Priorities
  • 1.13 Make a List and Stick to It
  • 1.14 Start Setting Goals
  • 1.15 Prioritising
  • 1.16 Avoiding Procrastination
  • 1.17 Assignment
  • 1.18 Conclusion
  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 2.2 The Importance of Planning and Scheduling
  • 2.3 How to Schedule Time in the Correct Way
  • 2.4 Dealing with Interruptions, Distractions and Pressure
  • 2.5 Dealing with Pressure at Work
  • 2.6 Developing an Effective Approach to Your Plans
  • 2.7 Your Goals, Plans, and Time Management
  • 2.8 Focusing on Long Term Goals
  • 2.9 Focusing on Short Term Goals
  • 2.10 The Steps to Creating an Achievable Goal
  • 2.11 Creating an Action Plan
  • 2.12 Assignment
  • 2.13 Conclusion
  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Tips for Investing In Yourself
  • 3.3 Learning About Your Working Style
  • 3.4 Personal Effectiveness: A Guide to Self-Discipline
  • 3.5 Highlighting Personal ‘Time Stealers’ and Areas of Weakness
  • 3.6 The Most Common Time Stealers
  • 3.7 Time Management Issues that are ‘Stealing Your Time’
  • 3.8 Assignment
  • 3.9 Conclusion
  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Why People Do Not Delegate
  • 4.3 When is it Time to Delegate?
  • 4.4 Who Should You Delegate To?
  • 4.5 How to Effectively Delegate
  • 4.6 Staying in Control When Managing
  • 4.7 Getting More Done by Being Assertive
  • 4.8 Defining ‘Assertive’
  • 4.9 Developing Assertiveness
  • 4.10 Techniques for Assertive Communications
  • 4.11 Making the Most Out of Meetings
  • 4.12 The Objective of the Meeting
  • 4.13 How to Use Your Meeting Time Wisely
  • 4.14 Bringing Everyone Together
  • 4.15 The Rules of Effective Delegation
  • 4.16 Why You Need to Delegate
  • 4.17 When You Need to Delegate
  • 4.18 Freeing Up Time and Developing Staff
  • 4.19 Freeing Up Valuable Time
  • 4.20 Developing Staff
  • 4.21 Coordinating Team Workloads with Delegation
  • 4.22 Co-ordinating Work for a Team
  • 4.23 Delegation and On-Going Self-Development
  • 4.24 Self-Development in the Workplace
  • 4.25 Assessment
  • 4.26 Interpreting the Self-Assessment Score
  • 4.27 Using the Assessment
  • 4.28 Assignment
  • 4.29 Conclusion
  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Time Management
  • 5.3 Self-Assessment
  • 5.4 Scoring Your Assessment
  • 5.5 Overcoming Old Habits and Maintaining New Standards
  • 5.6 Leaving Behind Self-Defeating Habits
  • 5.7 Creating New and Healthy Habits
  • 5.8 Assignment
  • 5.9 Conclusion
  • End of Course Test
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