Meal Planning Certification

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About the Meal Planning Certification

This course takes you through the broad aspects of meal planning. To successfully support clients’ goals, a holistic view of nutrition is needed.

The first two modules give you an overview of the dietary components that make up healthy eating patterns.

With knowledge of what the body needs to function optimally, the course goes on to tackle the main nutritional assessment tools that you can use in your diagnosis of areas of dietary improvement.

These nutritional assessment tools go hand-in-hand with nutritional strategies that encourage a change in eating behaviours and food choices. The nutritional strategies covered vary in their suitability for clients of different profiles, so they can be used depending on the level of client readiness and their commitment to change.

Finally, the course explores how to determine the credibility of a source. This gives you the confidence to advise clients appropriately and provide sound nutritional advice.

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.1 Video
  • 1.2 Introduction
  • 1.3 Dietary Principles
  • 1.4 Components of Healthy Eating Patterns
  • 1.5 The Impact of Diet on Health and the Prevention of Chronic Disease
  • 1.6 Calorie Needs and Nutritional Goals
  • 1.7 Task
  • 1.8 Summary
  • 1.9 Test
  • 2.1 Video
  • 2.2 Introduction
  • 2.3 Carbohydrates
  • 2.4 Proteins
  • 2.5 Fats
  • 2.6 Adjusting Macronutrients
  • 2.7 Sports Performance
  • 2.8 Weight Management and Health
  • 2.9 Summary
  • 2.10 Task
  • 2.11 Test
  • 3.1 Food Log/Food Diary
  • 3.2 24-hour Recall
  • 3.3 Food Frequency Questionnaire
  • 3.4 Usual Intake/Diet History
  • 3.5 Understand Your Client’s Lifestyle and Preferences
  • 3.6 Task
  • 3.7 Summary
  • 3.8 Test
  • 4.1 introduction
  • 4.2 Focusing on Eating Whole Foods and Avoiding ‘Trigger’ Foods
  • 4.3 Controlling Portions
  • 4.4 Counting Macronutrients
  • 4.5 Counting Calories
  • 4.6 Meal Planning Tools
  • 4.7 Task
  • 4.8 Summary
  • Test
  • 5.1 Video
  • 5.2 Introduction
  • 5.3 The Credibility of the Source
  • 5.4 Content
  • 5.5 Bias and Other Red Flags
  • 5.6 Cross-reference the information
  • 5.7 Task
  • 5.8 Summary
  • 5.9 Test
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