Fitness Centre Management Certification

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Course Benefits

About the Fitness Centre Management Certification

Fitness centre management is a challenging job which requires a wide set of skills, and the ability to perform a multitude of tasks effectively at all times.

This course covers the most important aspects of the job, including how to adhere to the conduct, ethics and legislation of professional practice and how to successfully consult, assess and review clients to offer them the best possible service and guarantee their loyalty.

We also cover the integration of health promotion into your services and explain the importance of working closely with other health care providers to offer great client service and adhere to the required scope of practice.

We go into detail on how to maintain the fitness centre facilities and gym equipment to save you time and money in the long run, and ensure a high-quality, well-managed gym environment.

Finally, we delve into the most effective marketing strategies for fitness centres and explain how you can generate leads and convert them into loyal customers.


What You Will Learn

  • The professional practice required for fitness centre management
  • How to effectively consult, assess and review clients in line with industry standards
  • How to integrate health promotion to gain a competitive advantage
  • The skills needed to successfully maintain the facilities and equipment
  • Practical and current marketing tools to drastically improve business


 Benefits of Taking this Course

  • Increase profits by generating new leads and converting them to clients
  • Improve client retention through effective client consultations and assessments
  • Increase your reputation and attract clients by integrating health promotion
    Save money and time through effective maintenance strategies
  • Improve your market position and client base using a wide variety of marketing tools

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.1 Video
  • 1.2 Conduct
  • 1.3 Ethics
  • 1.4 Legislation
  • 1.6 Summary
  • 1.7 Test
  • 1.5 Task
  • 2.1 Video
  • 2.2 Consulting, Assessing and Reviewing
  • 2.3 Task
  • 2.4 Summary
  • 2.5 Test
  • 3.2 Definitions of Health Promotion
  • 3.3 Knowing How to Seek Health and Wellbeing Advice for Clients
  • 3.4 Understanding the Professional Role and Scope of Practice
  • 3.5 Task
  • 3.6 Summary
  • 3.7 Test
  • 3.1 Video
  • 4.1 Video
  • 4.1 Necessary Traits
  • 4.2 General Maintenance
  • 4.3 Security
  • 4.4 Equipment Maintenance
  • 4.5 Task
  • 4.6 Summary
  • 4.7 Test
  • 5.1 Video
  • 5.2 Podcast Sponsoring, Blogging and Influencer Marketing
  • 5.3 SEO, Pay-Per-Click and Integrated Marketing
  • 5.4 You Tube and Facebook Marketing
  • 5.5 Email and Membership Marketing
  • 5.6 Task
  • 5.7 Summary
  • 5.8 Test
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