Exercising at Home or Outdoors Certification

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About the Exercising at Home or Outdoors Certification

Deciding to begin a home-based or outdoors exercise plan on your own is a daunting prospect. There is so much conflicting information online, and it’s difficult to know who to trust and how to tell a fad from a fact.

The Exercising at Home or Outdoors Course is designed specifically to put your mind at rest and provide you with a complete and credible guide to everything you need to know, to embark on and succeed in your personal fitness journey!

We include a step-by-step guide to not only self-evaluating and planning your sessions but also exactly how to perform a massive variety of exercises, both at home or outdoors, with a strong focus on using your surroundings and not relying on expensive and overly-complicated equipment.

Above all, we believe that your personal safety comes first, and, as such, we provide you with a highly effective and safe exercise guide, which caters for everyone, from complete fitness novices to more seasoned gym-goers, who are looking for home-based and outdoor alternatives.

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.01 Video
  • 1.02 Introduction
  • 1.03 Step 1 — Needs Evaluation
  • 1.04 Step 2 — Current Fitness Assessment
  • 1.05 Step 3 — Create Your Home or Outdoor Exercise Programme
  • 1.06 Task
  • 1.07 Summary
  • 1.08 Test
  • 2.01 Video
  • 2.02 Introduction
  • 2.03 Safety Outdoors
  • 2.04 Essential Equipment
  • 2.05 Safety at Home
  • 2.06 Physical Safety
  • 2.07 How to Warm Up
  • 2.08 The Right Gear
  • 2.09 Task
  • 2.10 Summary
  • 2.11 Test
  • 3.01 Video
  • 3.03 Cardiovascular Exercises for Home and Outdoors
  • 3.04 The Great Outdoors
  • 3.05 Task
  • 3.06 Summary
  • 3.07 Test
  • 3.02 Exercises you need to incorporate
  • 4.01 Video
  • 4.02 Building muscular strength
  • 4.04 Bodyweight Strength Training Exercises
  • 4.05 Weight Training Exercises
  • 4.06 Task
  • 4.07 Summary
  • 4.08 Test
  • 4.03 Session Planning
  • 5.01 Video
  • 5.02 Balance and Flexibility
  • 5.03 Flexibility Exercises
  • 5.04 Balance
  • 5.05 Balance Exercises
  • 5.06 Coordination
  • 5.07 Coordination Exercises
  • 5.08 Task
  • 5.09 Summary
  • 5.10 Test
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