Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification

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About the Dealing with Customer Complaints Certification

The Customer Complaints Course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage customer complaints. This training course is filled with information that will help you increase customer loyalty and understand how to operate a successful business in the United Kingdom.

Customer satisfaction can increase your business revenue, customer loyalty and positive word of mouth. Understanding how to recover and learn from mistakes can be profitable to your business success. This course will provide you with an overview of how to manage customer complaints to build positive customer relationships.

Introduction to the Customer Complaints Certificate Course

This customer complaints course is an online training programme that offers students the ability to study the material whenever and wherever it’s convenient. Most people who enrol in the programme are still able to maintain their current lifestyle and work full time while pursuing their studies.

This course allows you to easily access study material from any device with a valid internet connection, including mobile phones and tablets. Additionally, all students have access to online support while they train.

After successful completion of the course, students must complete and pass a multiple-choice exam, after which you will be awarded your certificate. Your certificate can be downloaded, or for a small cost, we can post it out to you.

Course Content & Overview

  • 1.01 Introduction
  • 1.02 Complaint Psychology and Reframing
  • 1.03 What is a Complaint?
  • 1.04 Exercise: Personal Experience of Complaints
  • 1.05 Who Makes Complaints and Why?
  • 1.06 When Are Complaints More or Less Likely?
  • 1.07 How to Receive Complaints
  • 1.08 Exercise: Receiving Customer Feedback
  • 1.09 Complaints Management
  • 1.10 The Benefits of Effective Complaints Management
  • 1.11 Exercise: What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
  • 1.12 The Economics of Complaints
  • 1.13 Complaint Management Process (CMP)
  • 1.14 Assignment
  • 2.01 Introduction
  • 2.02 Collecting Complaints
  • 2.03 Preventing Escalation and Accepting Feedback
  • 2.04 Developing the Right Attitude
  • 2.05 Re-Building the Customer Relationship
  • 2.06 First Point of Contact
  • 2.07 External Resolutions
  • 2.08 Effective Communication
  • 2.09 Active Listening
  • 2.10 Using the Telephone
  • 2.11 Information and Understanding
  • 2.12 Assignment
  • 3.01 Introduction
  • 3.02 Emotional Needs
  • 3.03 Building Rapport
  • 3.04 Make it Personal
  • 3.05 Emotions, Empathy and Understanding
  • 3.06 Exercise: How do YOU feel?
  • 3.07 Remaining Calm
  • 3.08 Emotions and Mental Processing
  • 3.09 The Nervous System
  • 3.10 Breathing and Heart Rate
  • 3.11 Exercise: Manage your Physiology
  • 3.12: Assignment
  • 4.01 Introduction
  • 4.02 Defusing a Difficult Situation
  • 4.03 Empathy without Agreement
  • 4.04 Gaining Respect
  • 4.05 Energy Exchange
  • 4.06 Identifying Options
  • 4.07 Exercise: What Can You Offer Your Customers?
  • 4.08 Responsibility, Accountability and Delivery
  • 4.09 Creating Satisfaction from Dissatisfaction
  • 4.10 Assignment
  • 5.01 Introduction
  • 5.02 Benefiting from Complaints
  • 5.03 Consumer Complaints Management (CCM)
  • 5.04 Policies, Processes and Procedures
  • 5.05 Technology
  • 5.06 Analysis and Reporting
  • 5.07 Exercise: Looking for Complaints
  • 5.08 Customer Focused Organisations
  • 5.09 Exercise: Is Your Business Customer Centric?
  • 5.10 The Future of Customer Service
  • 5.11 Personal Development
  • 5.12 Assignment
  • Test
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