Fitness Instructing in A Post-Lockdown World

Changing & Finding Alternatives 

Like many other areas of life, fitness has also been affected by the on-going COVID-19 situation. Ever since the influx of COVID-19 cases reported in March in the UK and around the world, gyms and fitness centres were the first to shut down indefinitely. This led to some frenzy as fitness enthusiasts saw their go-to places under lockdown. This disruption of gym routines would be terrible were it not for the rapid increase in fitness instructions now available online. 

Fitness instructors, as well as established brands, have hopped onto the bandwagon of online fitness instructions. These online sessions have been immensely popular among the masses, even those who didn’t fancy working out before. The lockdown has established a new norm that intends to continue post-lockdown as well, resulting in a rapid shift in how the fitness industry operates.

Increasing Health-Conscious Behaviour Will Only Mean Good Things 

Since people are now locked in their homes for an indefinite period of time, they have been on the lookout for ways to become more productive. Some have opted for cooking and baking, while others look to self-care lifestyles in the form of diet control and working out. People look to eat healthily and stay fit amidst the lockdown.

Some want a flat stomach with increased core strength, while others are working towards getting abs and a six-pack. Whatever the goal, this lockdown has pushed people to be more health conscious. Chances are that a lot of people will want to hit the gyms once the pandemic is over and would want to be consistent with their fitness routine. 

This could be an excellent sign, as self-awareness about personal health will lead to a decrease in health issues such as obesity and diabetes. The fast-paced lifestyle has dented the fitness routines of the community. Head spasms, neck issues and pain in the spinal cord are amongst the most reported health problems in the past few years, especially among the youth. 

The reasons for this increase can be attributed to a lack of mobility as youngsters prefer to spend time on their gadgets. This lockdown could be a blessing in disguise as more people are now aware of their unhealthy lifestyles and look towards working out regularly.

Accessibility to Fitness Instruction Will Become A Possibility for All 

Although the internet was filled with health and fitness videos even before the lockdown, a lack of suitably devised workout regimes was a hindrance. Now that everyone is in isolation at the same time, people are trying to find ways of keeping busy. The fitness instructors have been afforded a huge opportunity to increase their reach through online instruction. 

Fitness centres and fitness coaches have been setting up their online channels to hold live workout sessions during the lockdown. These instructions have an added advantage of being designed to give you the experience of as if you are in a gym. There is also an emphasis on individualised routines catering to every user’s unique needs. 

The provision of diet charts with nutrition advice will also help people at home stay healthy and fit. The benefit of online sessions can also be seen, as people can opt for more hardcore workouts or relatively relaxing ones like yoga. 

Online fitness sessions are proving to be a great hit as more and more people embrace a healthier lifestyle. The ease of access to all sorts of fitness content has encouraged people globally to adopt this lifestyle. This shift in a healthier lifestyle is here to stay as more people will reap its benefits during the lockdown and look to continue once the lockdown is over. 

Demand for Digital Content on Fitness & Self-Care Will Rise

The fitness industry is a huge commodity that has seen an epic rise in the last few years. This rise has now seen a crunch, as most of the physical locations of these fitness centres are closing down amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The demand for digital content related to fitness and self-care has increased drastically. Fitness studios have not only provided people with a place to work out but also with a healthy dose of social interaction. Because direct social interaction is a distant possibility, engagement with the masses online is the new thing.  

The fitness industry may have lost millions in revenue to the pandemic, but it is re-emerging fast with more and more digital content. It is high time for fitness influencers and the gyms to embrace this side of market capitalisation. 

Many fitness industry leaders have taken to the internet to stream workouts to keep their customers busy. Companies and individuals are rising to the challenge of increased demands related to more self-care and fitness content on the internet. 

The post-lockdown scenario promises to pose a challenge as the fitness industry will look to adapt to the new reality. As more people remain indoors for months, their behaviours will change and so does their demand for more digital content. The fitness industry must look to overhaul itself as this trend looks certain to continue for some time. 

Virtual and Digital Fitness Instruction Brands Rise in Popularity

With social distancing measures in place, the physical sites of almost all fitness centres have been closed. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the fitness industry to look for innovative means and some brands have taken advantage of this opportunity. 

A multi-billion-dollar industry in itself, the fitness industry has great potential even with social distancing measures in place. Companies that had a digital footprint before the pandemic have seen an upsurge in fortunes. One example of this is Peloton who was already providing online self-care services to their customers and now are seeing their stocks rise 9.2% - a five-fold increase in app downloads.

Another platform that has seen an exponential rise is Aaptiv that provides online fitness classes and instruction. Its CEO recently reported that the company had seen a 50% increase for online non-equipment services in the third week of March. 

The rise of digital platforms and fitness influencers amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been nothing short of phenomenal. Influencers have found a greater audience who are interested in self-care more than ever before. Joe Wicks who performs live PE sessions on YouTube is a perfect example of an influencer experiencing an exponential rise in viewership and demand for digital fitness instruction.

Final Thoughts

The onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic has possibly changed our lives for the foreseeable future. Social distancing and effects of a global lockdown have created certain problems: keeping fit and healthy being one of the most important. Not only does the physical state of our bodies suffer, but so does our mental health.

In this rising isolation, online fitness programs have given the masses a great opportunity to stay healthy and keep themselves engaged. In the post-lockdown world, we may have to adjust to a new norm which means using digital fitness platforms for receiving professional instruction and staying up to date with the latest fitness trends.

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