7 Great Reasons to Take Up Pilates

In the early 20th Century, Joseph Pilates came up with a methodology for physical fitness called Contrology. It was so effective that it spread across various jurisdictions taking the name Pilates. For instance, there are millions of people practising it in the UK alone. 

Some few months back, I then came across this fitness system. Guess what? I found it to be beneficial. It helped me improve my muscles and postural alignment. Even more, my back pain that seemed uninterested in leaving has reduced drastically.

Since I benefited greatly from the system, I have also decided to share with you seven great reasons why you should take up Pilates. Don’t worry; they are all from my personal experience. So, you can be sure of its effectiveness.

1. Pilates Strengthens the Core

One of the great reasons to take up Pilates is that unlike some fitness or exercise methodologies, Pilates strengthens the core. It trains the powerhouse of the body. For instance, I found out that after around 36 weeks of Pilates, my rectus abdominis was strengthened. In fact, about 21% increase from its former strength level.

I also realised that apparent muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of my core had significantly reduced. I had a better posture and a leaner stomach than ever before.

The great thing is, I didn’t have to wait all 36 weeks before I started feeling better. Pilates kicked into action once I got consistent with the exercise scheme.

2. Pilates Greatly Improves Back Pain

I decided to mention this separately as it was a revelation for me. Before engaging in Pilates, I had got used to constant back pain. However, upon starting Pilates, I noticed a rapid decrease in the pain. And this is mostly thanks to my stronger core.

As already stated, Pilates improves and strengthens the powerhouse. And a more robust core means a healthier back. In my case, barely four weeks into the programme, I felt more significant relief than I had experienced even when I visited various physios and specialists.

Also, the great thing is that the pain didn’t just return when I had a break from Pilates. I still feel great about my back. As I later realised, Pilates stabilises the lumbar-pelvic and reduces the stress in that area. Great right?

3. Minimal Impact and Effect on Your Joints

Another great reason why I recommend Pilates to anyone is that there was little or no impact on my joints when I tried it out. For instance, before I started Pilates, I regularly engaged in running activities, which placed enormous pressure on my bones.

However, as soon as I started Pilates, I found out that it established a balance around my workout routine. I was able to take the pressure off my joints after running, with Pilates. Even more, this became very effective when I used a Pilates reformer for my workout sessions.

4. Increase Your Flexibility

Another great perk and reason why you should take up Pilates is that it increases your body flexibility. Yes, with Pilates, I got very flexible, to my surprise. 

So, just like everyone, I had this belief that since I wasn’t previously so flexible, Pilates wasn’t for me. Well, I was wrong. Not being flexible is a reason to take up Pilates. And this is because Pilates increases your flexibility significantly.

For instance, I was only a little past my 20th session when I realised I was already more flexible than I had ever been. And, in fact, this then helped my other exercise routine. 

This is because being tight shortens the muscles, which can reduce the effectiveness of your exercise and sometimes cause injury. However, with Pilates, I easily avoided this, and you can avoid it too.

5. Improve Brainpower

Another great reason to key into the Pilates exercise scheme is that it greatly boosts your brainpower. After ten weeks of Pilates, I found this to be particularly true.

I realised an increase in my brain's peak power. And after further research, I learnt that it was related to various cognitive functions and memory performance, among others.

As such, the fact that you’re a top executive is no reason to avoid Pilates. In fact, that’s a great reason to join. After all, you’re paid to think, and Pilates increases your brainpower for better thinking.

6. Decreases Stress Levels and Increases Energy Levels

Another fantastic advantage that comes with Pilates is a drastic reduction in stress levels. Pilates improves the breathing and blood circulation within the body. And in turn, I found this to increase energy levels.

For instance, I realised after I engaged in Pilates, I felt very refreshed and renewed. And, in turn, I was able to sleep better and more soundly. I even found it to be more effective when I engaged in Pilates with a group of friends.

7. Might Aid Weight Loss

Upon starting Pilates, I realised it was more of a full-body workout. Hence, another great reason to take up Pilates is that, just like regular cardio, it can improve weight loss.

For instance, after my first eight weeks, I realised I had lost weight in my waist and other parts, and, therefore, improved my BMI. Fantastic right?

Wrapping Up

Although Pilates can sometimes appear like a chore that you would love to avoid, it's not. As I have found out, it has an immense potential to benefit your body and mind. For me, it helps me feel happy, relaxed, and in the best shape. And, if you dedicate just enough time to it, it can be all that for you too.

It’s time-efficient, a great stress reliever, it improves your posture, and comes with no fuss at all. Well, now that you know, I recommend you try it out!


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