5 Reasons Why Indoor Cycling Is Good for Your Health

Good health and fitness need hard work. A well-balanced diet and effective exercise are crucial to achieving your health and fitness goals. Exercise does not need to be tedious or frustrating. 

With certain types of exercises, you can easily reach your daily exercise quota and feel proud of it. Indoor cycling is one such form of exercise that is good for you at various levels. 

The exercise is a cardio workout that has the potential to turn into your main exercise regimen. Isn’t that awesome?!  Do you want to know why this is so?

Here are 5 important reasons why indoor cycling is ideal for maintaining your health.

Reason #1: Get Powerful Workout Results with Indoor Cycling

With regular indoor cycling sessions, you get to see good results. Here are some of the benefits:

  • The exercise works on specific parts of your body, such as your leg muscles. When you cycle, your glutes, calf muscles, hamstrings, and quads get a vigorous workout. 

  • Cycling is an aerobic activity that keeps your heart rate elevated. This will take care of your heart health. 

  • Regular cycling will not have any damaging effects on your ankle, knee, and hip joint as it is a low-impact exercise.

  • The aerobic activity helps burn stubborn calories. Based on the intensity and duration of cycling, it is possible to burn around 500 to 600 calories per session. For appreciable weight loss, you need to have around 4 to 6 sessions a week.

  • It also keeps your circulatory system in good condition. Cycling helps lower the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL) levels. It can also reduce your blood pressure and reduce heart disease risk.

  • The vigorous activity done for 150 minutes a week helps to improve muscle stamina. 

Reason #2: It Is Convenient

The major reason for people preferring indoor cycling is because of the convenience it offers. With your gym bike or turbo, you can manage to get in a training session more frequently than with outdoor cycling. 

For outdoor cycling, you have to get ready, plan your route, put up with traffic if you live in the city, and face other such obstacles. This is not the case in indoor cycling. 

You can get on your bike and complete the session after proper warm-up and cool-down movements in a much shorter time. And, there is less hassle this way. You will also be able to include more sessions per week and see better results.

Reason #3: Uninterrupted Cycling Time

With an indoor cycle, you need not worry about interruptions in the form of inclement weather and traffic. During winter, the ice, snow or rain can prevent you from taking part in your regular outdoor workout sessions. 

Although you can use appropriate winter gear and still ride, it is not something you will enjoy. Further, snow-covered roads pose dire risks.

And, cycling indoors can give you uninterrupted time to focus on the exercise. For instance, outdoor cycling can easily disrupt your focus due to factors like a turn on your route, a busy junction or heavy traffic. 

And, it is not necessary to invest in a turbo bike or other cycling equipment. Many gyms have such training bikes that you can use any time. 

And, using gym equipment comes with the advantage of combining your exercises. You can do weight training, along with indoor cycling to get much better results. 

Reason #4: Reach Your Exercise Objective Effectively

Indoor cycling keeps you focussed, ensuring you continue your sessions regularly. Whatever goal you have regarding your exercise, such as losing 10 pounds or completing a certain number of rides, indoor cycling keeps you on track.

When you train on an indoor bike, you have only yourself to compete against. So, your sole focus will be on how to get the best benefit out of your sessions. 

With outdoor cycling, you can be distracted from your fitness goals easily with what is happening around you. This will not happen in a controlled indoor setting.

Indoor cycling also provides predictable results. You can see improvements quicker and more effectively. This is because you get to focus on your cycling technique and pedal strokes. 

It can help you work on your weak points where you do not generate the power needed and lose your efficiency. By repetitive workouts focussing on your weaknesses, you can optimise your cycling and boost the effects.

Reason#5: Indoor Cycling Is Interesting with Tech Backup

Many people prefer exercising outdoors as indoor workouts are monotonous. However, technology has changed this trend now. The technological advances help you connect with your friends virtually as you cycle indoors. 

You can set up group rides or races. And, you can record your session, find how many calories you have burnt, and set new goals with the advanced equipment we now have. 

Gyms have different types of bikes that are programmed to the individual needs as well as the body type of a person. The innovative additions include:

  • Onboard computers that give instant metrics and feedbacks

  • Apps that provide training options and results, track your progress, and more

  • Data projector gadgets that help gather data of each rider or use virtual simulation of a ride 

Final Takeaway

Your physical fitness can get a huge boost with the strength building and cardio endurance benefits of indoor cycling. And, with the promising results and advanced tech present now, you will enjoy your workout more. 

The activity is also a good mood enhancer. Classes can be expensive if you want to use advanced equipment and special instructors, however, if you take into account the various benefits of indoor cycling, you will find the cost is justified.  

If you want to see quick results, make sure you put in a minimum of five classes a week for a few months. If you are consistent and continue with the workout, you can enjoy more benefits. 

But, remember to keep an eye on your diet. A well-balanced diet can boost your efforts and help you reach your goals effectively and without any hassle.


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Fitness 05 Nov 2020