5 Benefits of Becoming a Qualified Personal Trainer

Are you passionate about keeping fit? Do you derive great satisfaction from helping people to achieve their goals? Are you looking for a career path that offers not only great flexibility but ample opportunities to further your career? Have you ever considered becoming a qualified personal trainer?

These days people are more health-conscious, and there’s an ever-growing interest in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As such, personal training is an industry on the rise. Having a personal trainer is no longer viewed as a luxury that can only be afforded by the affluent. It is considered an endorsement to a healthy future, and one that many people are taking.

As a qualified personal trainer, you’ll not only get to turn your passion for fitness into a rewarding career but reap the benefits of a truly flexible and versatile career path. There is a multitude of advantages to becoming a qualified personal trainer, as discussed below.

Work as much, or little, as you like

One of the most compelling benefits that come with being a personal trainer is having a flexible schedule. Whether you’re someone who struggles to function early in the morning, or can think of nothing worse than working every weekend, the choice is entirely in your hands as you will get to dictate your working hours.

There’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had in having control over your scheduling preferences, and fitting work around your life rather than the other way around is something that many strive for. With personal training, you’ll always be able to do that.

Even if you’re someone who prefers the structure of a routine, being in charge of your schedule can make that possible, too, with all the added benefits of working the times and days that suit you. As long as you’re sure to remain consistent and communicate your preferences with your clients, you’ll be in charge of a successful career.

Make a real difference

While other jobs revolve around piles of paperwork, for a personal trainer, it’s all about the people. The core of what you do will revolve around building relationships with clients, and to them, you’ll become their motivator, confidant and the driving force, as they work towards their goals. Helping them to fulfil their ambitions will be a reward like no other, especially when, in some instances, you’re helping to change someone’s life for the better.

Whether it’s helping people who are trying to regain their fitness after an injury, who want to improve an unhealthy lifestyle, or simply build up their muscle mass, you’ll be an integral part of their journey. 

As every client has different needs, you’ll learn to adapt and develop your skills accordingly, meaning that not only will you be continually challenged, but no client or day will ever be the same. It doesn’t hurt either, of course, that you’ll frequently be meeting new people, and will likely make connections through other personal trainers. 

Keep active yourself

Being active is obviously important to you if you’re considering personal training as a career, and what better path to take? As a personal trainer, you’ll never find yourself stuck behind a desk. Whether you’re demonstrating proper equipment use or teaching exercises, you’ll spend the majority of your time on your feet, doing what you love the most.

There’s a great satisfaction to be had from turning a passion into a career, and not only will you be able to motivate your clients to enjoy the journey they’re taking with you, but you’ll get to enjoy it yourself. If you choose to work out of a gym, for example, whether full or part-time, there is usually a discounted or free membership to go alongside that. 

You’re in control

Not only do you get to choose your own schedule and working hours, but you also get to choose your working rate. You also have the power to decide whether or not you’ll take this on as a full-time commitment and career, or whether it’s something that you would rather do part time. Either way, you determine how much you earn, and the sky really is the limit for the potential earnings of a personal trainer. 

Obviously, the more clients you are able to take on, the more that you’ll earn. Keep in mind, though, that in order to maintain a healthy stream of clients, you’ll need to be consistent with your time and effort and not worry incessantly about taking on as many as you can, or else you’ll find yourself losing clients – and therefore business – quickly.

Having the independence of being your own boss is a coveted benefit. There’s great satisfaction to be had from being in control of not only your schedule and earning potential, but which direction you want to take your business. You can stick to traditional practices and techniques, or you can branch out and create a whole new facet to your business. You’re independent, and everything is up to you.

Take your pick of careers

Perhaps the idea of being your own boss doesn’t appeal to you so much. As mentioned, some people like the structure of a routine and that’s fine too. As a personal trainer, the opportunities are endless. If you’d rather not start your own business or work part time as a freelance personal trainer, you have the option of working out of a gym – whether as a full-time employee or part time. 

Personal trainers don’t just work out of a gym, though. They also work out of hotels, on cruise ships, in rehabilitation centres and more, so whatever your preference, personal training is a versatile career choice that suits anyone.

With a personal training certificate, you could also look to:

  • Become a gym manager
  • Teach others as a health, wellness and nutrition coach
  • Coach group fitness sessions
  • Teach yoga

A personal training qualification opens doors for many careers, it’s just up to you to decide which one you want!